Improvements to the iPhone 5C maps application

The iPhone 5C is quickly becoming the talk of the technology world thanks to its lower price and incredible features. A lot of people are turning to this phone as a way to get the benefits of using a smart phone without having to break the bank – plus it comes in all kinds of fun, bright colors like pink, yellow, and green. Bibob shows all of the features of this new iPhone in detail.

You can now more easily locate yourself in the Maps application with extreme accuracy thanks to GPS and GLONASS. You can navigate yourself almost anywhere with the free turn-by-turn satellite navigation system. A physical connections port called Lighting is found on the base of the phone and is used for charging and connecting to computers or other third-party peripherals. It provides you with a faster connection than the previous port, so you can transfer data much quicker. Apple also offers their own cloud storage called iCloud; this lets you store all of your vital information in their secure servers in case something happens to your iPhone that results in losing your information. You can back up everything, including contacts, calendars, photos, music, documents, mail, and notes. If you have had an iDevice= in the past, you can download your settings onto your new phone so you do not have to reenter a lot of information. You can also turn on the “Find my iPhone” feature on the cloud which lets you log into the website to see where your phone is on a map if you happen to misplace it. once you have found it, you can even have it play a sound so you can dig it out from wherever it may be. You can also report the phone as lost or erase everything on the phone.

When you start up your iPhone, you no longer need the iTunes desktop software. There is no physical connection necessary! If you want connect your phone to your computer physically, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed or it will not connect with your new phone. You may want to connect your phone to your computer if you have a lot of music, movies, and photos you want to transfer from your computer to your phone or vice versa. iTunes will pull it all from your computer and put it onto your iPhone 5C in a format that works.

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Specifications to Look for With Surround Sound Speakers

By: rick

Technology can seem like it is impossible to figure out, but the truth is that almost anyone can set up a home theater system in their house if they know the components that need to be included. One of the most confusing things is how each sound knows what speaker to go to. That is the job of the receiver. This device decodes signals from the inputs, whether they are DVD player, satellite dish, or cable television, and routes them to the television or the speakers. There are subtle differences between the different models out there, but there are some important things you will want to consider.

First, you want to make sure you are selecting a device that is Dolby Digital 5.1 compatible. That is the current standard for most DVDs. If you are thinking about investing in something that will last for the long term, think about going with Dolby Digital Surround EX or Digital Theater System ES. Rather than having six channels of audio, these formats divide the signal into seven or eight channels. This promises to be an even more realistic listening experience, but of course you will need more speakers for this. You can choose a receiver that processes both options so you are still prepared if you choose to upgrade in the future.

Most receivers come bundled with a pre-amplifier in order to equalize the audio signal, as well as a power amplifier to boost it. These components can also be purchased separately if needed. Having stand along pre- and power amps gives you the ability to fine-tune and upgrade individual speakers more easily. It also allows you to generate superior sound at high volumes. Unfortunately the cost of doing this can add up quickly. Regardless of if you have amps that are integrated or not, you want to be sure that you have a receiver that supplies at least 100 continuous watts per channel rather than peak. The letter RMS should spear next to the wattage rating. You will also want to make sure it has enough outputs to connect all of your speakers.

Having the right speakers for your space and enough outputs for everything to work properly can give you the awesome, theater-worthy surround sound you have been dreaming of. You can work with a professional to find the best speaker system for your room, or do the research yourself. Check out to find out more.

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