The new generac generator is leaps and bounds better

In an emergency situation you need equipment you can rely on. Having a generator that you can’t depend on in the event of a power outage is worse than not having one at all. That’s why you need to let Backup Generator Pros handle all your generator needs. They carry Champion Power Equipment, DuroStar, DuroMax, Yamaha, Generac among other top performing models.

The Generac GP7500E is powerful enough to handle all the essential household systems in the event of a catastrophic power loss. At 2 feet 8 1/2 inches long by 2 feet 5 inches wide and approximately 130 pounds this generator is fairly large but the semi compact design, sturdy frame with locking fold-down handles and large wheels allow for easy mobility and the easy electric start means you won’t waste time pulling repeatedly on a cord trying to get the generator to start.

The gasoline powered 420cc; 3600 RPM engine can produce a level of 7,500 watts continuously with a peak level of 9,375 watts. The eight gallon steel fuel tank has an incorporated fuel gage so you won’t unexpectedly run out of gas. When the tank is full, and the generator is running at 50% power this unit can power essential household systems for approximately 12 hours. This generator has been run for 75-100 hours continuously and still produces very good results.

The Generac GP7500E has an hour meter which tracks usage so preventative maintenance schedules can be followed to increase dependability. A minor amount of assembly will be required when the generator arrives normally requiring less than 30 minutes.

This particular generator is not available in the state of California because it is not CARB compliant. The Champion 46539 generator is CARB compliant so residents of California can purchase and use this model. This model is fairly compact, weighing only approximately 140 pounds. This combined with the 8 inch wheels make it fairly easily maneuverable. The fuel tank on this generator is sufficient so that it can supply power at 50% for approximately 12 hours. The 196cc overhead valve 4 cycle gas powered motor can produce 3,500 watts on a continuous basis and has a peak output of 4,000 watts. This model also features a battery powered electric remote control start, capable of starting the generator from as far away as 80 feet and the battery is included. Residents of California will find the Champion 46539 sufficient to meet their needs.



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