Improvements to the iPhone 5C maps application

The iPhone 5C is quickly becoming the talk of the technology world thanks to its lower price and incredible features. A lot of people are turning to this phone as a way to get the benefits of using a smart phone without having to break the bank – plus it comes in all kinds of fun, bright colors like pink, yellow, and green. Bibob shows all of the features of this new iPhone in detail.

You can now more easily locate yourself in the Maps application with extreme accuracy thanks to GPS and GLONASS. You can navigate yourself almost anywhere with the free turn-by-turn satellite navigation system. A physical connections port called Lighting is found on the base of the phone and is used for charging and connecting to computers or other third-party peripherals. It provides you with a faster connection than the previous port, so you can transfer data much quicker. Apple also offers their own cloud storage called iCloud; this lets you store all of your vital information in their secure servers in case something happens to your iPhone that results in losing your information. You can back up everything, including contacts, calendars, photos, music, documents, mail, and notes. If you have had an iDevice= in the past, you can download your settings onto your new phone so you do not have to reenter a lot of information. You can also turn on the “Find my iPhone” feature on the cloud which lets you log into the website to see where your phone is on a map if you happen to misplace it. once you have found it, you can even have it play a sound so you can dig it out from wherever it may be. You can also report the phone as lost or erase everything on the phone.

When you start up your iPhone, you no longer need the iTunes desktop software. There is no physical connection necessary! If you want connect your phone to your computer physically, make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed or it will not connect with your new phone. You may want to connect your phone to your computer if you have a lot of music, movies, and photos you want to transfer from your computer to your phone or vice versa. iTunes will pull it all from your computer and put it onto your iPhone 5C in a format that works.

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Amazing Marketing Plans

In the business of marketing and telemarketing, there are a lot of different things that you have to learn. It’s going to be up to you to make sure that you explore all of the marketing tools available to come up with a plan that fits your business. Marketing companies and services are going to give you the chance to get more out of your business, no matter what you have in mind. The important thing to remember is that it isn’t about which method is best. It’s about coming up with a plan to use the marketing tools that you have to get noticed. Depending on the business that you’re in, you can do that in a lot of different ways.


Intermodal Marketing Plan

Intermodal Marketing Plan

Marketing plans start with an idea of your audience and your budget. If you combine that with a projection of your goals, it will be easy for you to develop a plan that can work to reach those goals. Some companies have different marketing needs than others and it’s going to be important to get the facts about different ideas and what works best. You will also want to learn about telemarketing and other outbound or inbound marketing tools so that you know what your options are.


One of the things that a lot of people overlook is the traditional marketing world. They see the bright lights of SEO and the positive results of social media, and they completely bypass anything that happened before digital technology came along. While this might work for some companies or to some extent, there’s definitely something to be said for tools that are still around. Marketing hasn’t changed much over the years. The methods have changed and the approach is a little different, but the ultimate process and goal are the same. That said, you should consider looking at methods that are still going to be effective.


Telemarketing is one of the tools that a lot of companies overlook. Because of advances in technology and an increase in people who ignore or screen their calls, it seems like it is not very effective. There are many companies that still use this method of marketing, though, and they do so successfully. It’s all about how you approach things and put them to good use. You can se web to learn more about telemarketing and other traditional marketing tools that still work so that you can put them to work for your business.

Smartphone to canvas and back again

They grow up so quickly. You blink and they’ll be grown. They’re only little once. Enjoy them while they are little. No matter how you have heard the phrase yourself it means the same thing. Before you know it your kids will be grown up and off starting their own lives and families. That’s why it is important to take as many photographs as you can while they are still little.

For most pictures a standard photo album will work just fine. You can keep them on a shelf and break them out every once in awhile for a trip down memory lane. For other more special photographs you’ll want a way to keep them out where you can see them more frequently. The best way to do this is by taking them from photo to canvas.

Some people may think that is quite an extravagance, and that having a photo turned into a mounted canvas must be expensive but if you go to Photos on Canvas it is actually quite reasonable and you even get a discount if you order more than one. They also occasionally have other sales, just check their website for the latest sale, and use the promo code provided. You can actually get many more photographs done this way than you may think.

Having smartphone photographs turned into a professionally printed and stretched canvas is a fantastic way to keep them on display for years. If you build up quite a collection of these lovely mounted photographs as they grow up just think how much fun you will have displaying them at their 16th birthday and high school graduation parties. They might not be too thrilled but you will have a lot of fun and the other family member will enjoy the chance to see them and reminisce.

When they are older and grown you will never regret having taken too many pictures but you may regret not taking enough. Keep that in mind and keep that shutter snapping and don’t hesitate to turn those special photographs into photos on canvas that you will treasure forever.

A green phone idea


My husband recently upgraded to a new smart phone after less than a year of using his older model. It is frustrating to see so many new models come out so shortly after one another – it feels like you purchase one thing and then just months later the newer one is out. Buying a new cell phone is not cheap, so when he came home with his latest mobile phone I knew that I wanted to find out where I could sell my mobile in order to get some money out of it. I knew it still had a lot of value and that there would probably be someone out there who would pay for it even though it was slightly used.

The best part about mobile recycling is how easy it is – whether your phone is new, used, or broken, there is some cash value there and many different websites will help you figure out just how much. First, visit the website of the company you’re using and enter the make and model of your phone into the search box. If you don’t know all the details, the search bar will provide you with some suggestions you can choose from. There are even photos of different phones so you can find the one that you have. Once you hit submit, you’ll be taken to the phone you want to recycle and see three different prices: new, used, and broken. The price you’ll receive for your phone will depend on the condition. However, feel confident knowing that because so many phone purchasers are getting phones through this kind of service these days, you’ll receive a generous price for your phone. The prices for mobile phones change daily, so the price you are offered at that moment is only guaranteed for 30 minutes. As long as you check out within that time period, you’ll be guaranteed the price. If the timer hits zero, the rate will decrease.

After approving the price, move on to the next step and enter any required details so the company can contact you and send you the payment. Your information is secure and will never be shared with a third party. You’ll be provided with their address so you can send the phone directly to them using one of the available postage options: free post, standard post, or registered delivery. If your phone is worth ma lot, using registered or signed-for delivery is likely the best option to use. Once your phone is received, a technician will check and make sure everything is okay and you will receive a phone call confirming the results. After that, your payment will be sent out the same day!

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